‘Works of Art’ Album Review by Boogie Magazine

Hey DG fans, Check out this awesome album review for ‘Works of Art.’

“…these guys aren’t interested in showing off, though they do possess the talent to do just that. It’s as if each member of the band, to a man, understands the value of the band as a whole, and that no one singular entity is bigger than that. These fellas are sticking to their guns and proudly carrying forward that Summer of Love mentality.” – 

 Jason Thompson of The Ear Candy Update.

You can read the full article here

It’s still fun to read third party thoughts about what Daring Greatly is doing… and even more fun when the third party understands that it is about the music, and so much more!
Thank you Boogie MagazineThe Ear Candy Update and the author, for writing such an accurate account of our intentions, and what manifests from them. ????♥️

Thank you for sharing.