(Video) “Black and White” Official Music Video

The Official Music Video for ‘Black and White’,track No.1 from our 2nd full-length album “Works of Art”


Location: The Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, California

Daring Greatly
Liam Croome …… Lead Vocals / Keys
Patrick Croome …… Acoustic / Harmonies
Dail Croome …… Tamborine / Harmonies
Brayden Tario ……. Drums
Brandon Haddow ……. Electric Guitar
Jamie Moyer ……. Bass
Jimmy Patton ….. Acoustic Guitar
Enrique Platas …… Bongos
Mark Lessman ….. Saxophone
Olivia Moon …. Dancer
Sarah Rogo … Guest

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Edited by Nathan Minata
Filmed by Alex Mortensen, Colton, Kyle Chambers, Brad Chambers, Nathan Minata

Track No.1 From “Works of Art.”
Written and Produced by Daring Greatly | Lead Vocals/Organ: Liam Croome | Acoustic/BGV: Patrick Croome | Electric Guitar: Brandon Haddow | Drums: Brayden Tario | BGV: Dail Croome | Bass: Jamie Moyer | Bongos: Enrique Platas | Recorded at Rarefied Recording & Studio West | Sound & Mixing Engineer: Cedrick Courtois @ www.cedrickcourtois.com | Mastered by Maor Applebaum Mastering

Verse 1
The other day my life changed
Will you still remain
Every part of you was made for me
All for me

Verse 2
Running wild among the streets tonight
Looking for an end that ain’t in sight
Will our hearts withstand another blow
I don’t know

Verse 3
This love is more than just a stepping stone
It’s stronger than the loves I’ve ever known
Looking back on everything we’ve said and done
It’s never been a choice to run

Chorus 1
Trying to get my feet back on the ground
And find my sound
When the world keeps on pushing down
Gotta fight the stirring in my soul
I think I’ll go
Away from here

Verse 4
Breathing in and out through all the love and pain
Gotta make it through this rain
Life can hit us hard with all its might
But it’s never a reason to let stop the going fight

Chorus 2
Separate your mind
See you what you can find
Don’t push this away
Focus on today

Chorus 3
Separate your mind
See you what you can find
Don’t push this away
Focus on today