Acoustic Guitar / Vocalist / Lyricist /

Patch’s elastic ear and love for all forms of music has allowed him to develop and nurture his own unique writing style. He is a riff machine and his musical journey has heavily influenced Daring Greatly’s signature sound.

Patrick Croome, the oldest brother, is also the easiest to spot on stage because, at 6’4′′, he is the tallest member of the band. Patch has been a music lover for as long as he can remember. He is completely at home on stage, having first taken the stage with his father at age 5. Patch took almost 10 years of Royal Conservatory piano, enjoyed playing the soprano saxophone in the school band for 3 years and almost always has some form of music on his mind. He has made his musical mark in the local Calgary area, winning and placing in a handful of the dozens of singing competitions, in which he participated.

Patch has just recently taken an extreme liking to the acoustic guitar. He’s never taken guitar lessons but, he was able to relate the guitar to the piano very easily, and now, it’s his “go-to” instrument. He is constantly working on new riffs, melodies and songs, with his favorite acoustic guitar. Patch’s voice has a very haunting tone that attracts attention. He sings with such conviction, raw emotion and energy that listeners can “feel” every note.

Sports has always been a major part of Patrick’s life, and as near as last year, he was chasing another dream, of playing professional hockey. In addition, Patch is heavy into soccer, volleyball, basketball, and most racquet sports.

Patrick’s hockey career took him to a town in British Columbia called Nelson, where he played with a Jr. Team, called the Nelson Leafs. Patch really began to flourish, as a songwriter, here and credits that beautiful town with being a large part of shaping him into the musician/songwriter that he is today. Nelson is where his pro hockey dream came to a close, but it is also really where his musical dream took wing! For this, Patch will ALWAYS be grateful to Nelson, BC.

Patch has been, and continues to be, inspired by many different musical genres and artists. Some of those artists include Pink Floyd, The Guess Who, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Harry Connick Jr, Zac Brown Band, and, of course, The Eagles. There are many more that could be listed, and the number grows all the time, because Patch loves to immerse himself in new, as well as familiar, music.

His bandmates feel it is important to highlight that Patch is a selfless writer, always looking for ways to allow each member of the band a special moment, to collaborate and to shine, in each and every song. It is this selfless, family-minded approach to writing that allows the band to reach heights together that might not have been reachable, individually. This style of writing and the love and respect for one another, starts with Patch’s approach, and is the bases for everything Daring Greatly.

Patch is only in the beginning stages of his writing career and has plenty of very promising songs to show for it; but as he continues to grow as a person and a musician, you would not want to miss what this young man does with his music next!