Keyboards / Vocalist / Lyricist /

In his young and blossoming career, Liam has already had the privilege of working with some amazing keyboardists. One such musician is Mike Little, an accomplished Calgary area studio B3 organ player. And on his first trip to Nashville, Liam collaborated with Peter Keys, the current keyboardist from Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Liam Croome, the youngest member of the band, is the younger brother of Patrick. He has been performing on stage with his dad and brother since he was 3 years old. The first song Liam ever sang publically was ‘Moonshadow’ by Cat Stevens! As a youth, he participated in multiple talent contests, winning Calgary Junior Idol when he was 11. Liam, when he was just 13, also won Calgary’s Got Talent, with his brother Patrick! He used to be known for his high voice and screams, singing songs from Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’, to Adam Lambert’s version of ‘Play That Funky Music’. But, puberty has brought him a deeper, soulful raspiness, a maturity of tone and some amazing voice control. People always look stunned, when they find out that the voice they are hearing, is coming from a 20 year old.

Liam took seven years of Royal Conservatory classical lessons in Calgary, and the piano remains his favorite instrument. Liam also enjoys accompanying himself with the acoustic guitar, from time to time. He first joined his first band at the tender age of 15, with his Dad, Uncle and brother, as bandmates. They played many private shows, in the form of weddings, birthday parties, and performing in bars during the Calgary Stampede, for multiple years.

Liam has always had a passion for all kinds of sports. You might say sports, like music, runs in the family! Hockey has always been his favorite, but he has also taken baseball and golf seriously for many years! Liam won athlete of the year in his last year of junior high, and continued playing golf, volleyball, and hockey, throughout high school. For two of his high school years, he was in the National Sport Academy Golf Program, attending at least one golf class a day. Liam always did quite well in school and math is his favorite subject.

Liam is an active member of the Daring Greatly songwriting process. In addition to his musical contributions, he truly enjoys expressing himself through collaborating on lyrics. Liam never really dreamed of a musical career, until a couple of years ago, when he came to believe that anything you are skilled at can be made into a career, if you love it enough. Liam decided that he loved music enough!

Liam is ecstatic to have such a talented and tight knit group of guys to call family, but who are also passionate about the same things! Liam is living his dream and is quite positive that Daring Greatly will continue on this adventure for a very long time, mastering their crafts and sharing their music and message with as many people as possible!