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Dail established a family in Calgary, Alberta, and was blessed with his two sons, that have grown up to be his best friends and bandmates. Dail focused his energy on his young family, teaching the boys every sort of sport and coaching them in baseball, soccer and hockey.

Dail Croome is a true renaissance man and a self-proclaimed hippie! But, this isn’t the way he’s always been and it didn‘t just happen! Dail’s current outlook on life is the result of a lifetime of successes and failures; a lifetime of loves and losses; a lifetime of passions and pacifications; a lifetime of wisdom.

Dail has had two major professional passions, in his life. He dreamed of being a professional hockey player for most of his young life. His other, but even greater passion, has always been his music. Dail has always dreamed of standing on stage, holding the microphone high in the air, as 80,000 fans sing the chorus of one of his songs back to him. Dail longs for his music to touch people in the same way that songs and artists have shaped his own passion and his own memories and even helped him cope with loss.

After studies at University of Guelph, in the Management Economics Program, Dail decided to go to Nashville, to take a shot at his dream of being a professional singer/songwriter. Playing bars, such as the famous Tootsies Lounge, Dail quickly realized that the music industry was overflowing with talented, passionate people, who were much more desperate for success than he. Dail returned home to Canada, disappointed with the result of his Nashville experience, but much wiser and excited to start a new chapter in his life.

He had the boys on stage with him at the tender ages of 3 and 5, singing along. He enrolled the boys in piano lessons at age 6. He always encouraged them in the areas of music and sports, passions that continue to bond the three men.

In order to support his family, Dail built a very successful career, as an executive, in the oil and gas industry of Calgary. He worked his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually became the President of a very innovative and lucrative company. But the cookie-cutter corporate success and “keeping up with the Joneses” wasn’t fulfilling to Dail. The economic and professional success masked a growing dissatisfaction with the disingenuousness of the system and a failing marriage that ended in divorce.

Eventually, the challenges of fitting into society’s ideas of success, reached their limit with Dail and he decided that, in order to be happy, in order to feel complete, he needed to focus his energy on his passion. He focused on the music and his sons. He focused on the band that he shares with his sons friends, Brayden and Brandon. This eventually led Dail to sell most everything he had, pack up an RV and drive to Southern California with his sons and his “adopted” sons/bandmates, in order to “take their shot at the dream”.

Today, Dail’s idea of an authentic life entails an untraditional path, where there are no regrets and there’s a love for the experience of life and connection with others. Hence, the self-proclaimed hippie. Dail is determined not to allow his sons to put their dreams on hold, the way he did the first time he went to Nashville. Dail believes Teddy Roosevelt, when he says “the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena…” for, “…if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly…” Dail is living his philosophy! Dail also hopes that his example encourages others to reach out for their dreams; to reach out for their passion; to reach out for their own expression of the joy of life! For, in doing so, even if you fail, you will fail while daring greatly!