Drummer / Vocalist / Lyricist /

Complimented by experienced professional drummers, as well as regular music lovers, for his tight, sharp professional style, and for using just the right amount of fill, without overwhelming the performance. The greatest part of Brayden's story is that, at 24, he is really just beginning to explore his talent and expand his musical knowledge.

Brayden was enrolled in a rhythm classroom at 5 years old, learning to whistle, sing and clap along to various children’s songs. He started piano lessons at 6, and moved on to learning the guitar, when he was 8, because he thought it was “cooler”. His parents gave him a guitar, as a gift, but he never even picked it up! At 9 years old, he found the percussive setting on the keyboard and decided that he wanted to be a drummer. One day, he walked up to his dad in the garage and asked, “Dad? Can I play the drums?” It was touching to find out that his Grandpa Earl, who had died before he was born, had actually played the drums. Brayden's heart is warmed to know that he and his grandpa shared a love for the drums.

Once he had his first drum kit, Brayden began taking lessons but, gave them up, after only 3 weeks. He felt that he could teach himself better but, he didn’t stay serious about it. He played the drums mainly as a hobby, during those years. He focused on hockey, school and music, in that order. When he did drum, he would put his headphones on and jam out to Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace and/or Green Day.

At age 17, along with his hockey teammate, Brandon Haddow, Brayden joined a Calgary area metal band, named Samsara. The two played in this band together for 3 years, developing their own chemistry, not only musically, but outside of the band, they became tight friends. The friendship with Brandon and playing in Samsara helped Brayden finally decide to focus on his drumming.

As for sports, Brayden started skating at age 3 and, by age 4, was enrolled on a house league hockey team for the Blackfoot Hockey Association. He played competitive hockey in Calgary until he was 18. For most of his minor hockey career he played Division 2, always striving to make that Division 1 team, year after year. When he failed to make the highest possible team (Midget AAA), he realized that music was truly the rhythm of his soul.

That same year, Brayden met Patrick Croome in grade 11 physics. They were classmates in National Sport Academy School Program for hockey. They played hockey together, did homework together, partied together and soon became good friends. It was only after becoming close friends that they began to share their musical interests and influences.

A year later, Brayden was the drummer for a cover band, ‘Strange Arrangement’, formed with the Croomes, Patrick, Liam and father, Dail. After a couple of years of gigging and making money with this band and playing the Calgary Stampede, they began writing their own music.

With newfound enthusiasm for writing their own music, the foursome changed their name to ‘Daring Greatly’. In 2014, Brayden introduced lead guitar player, Brandon Haddow, into the mix completing Daring Greatly’s signature sound.

But, Brayden’s success, within the band, comes from that same teamwork mentality, where individual ego is put aside for the goals of the group. It is this fundamental characteristic and the friendships that have blossomed from it, which really keeps Brayden on beat!