Electric Guitar / Lyricist

Brandon has the ability to step out into the spotlight and totally blow your mind with a soulful blues-based rocking guitar solo, and then casually step right back into his spot, supporting the band and filling with just the right notes, at the right time, without overdoing it and feeling the need to do too much.

Brandon Haddow, in his early 20’s, sits comfortably in the gunslinger position, as lead electric guitarist. Brandon has had a love for the electric guitar from a very early age. Big musical influences, in his early years were AC/DC, and Sum 41. Brandon didn’t actually pick up the guitar until he was 14 years old. He was encouraged to do so by a school friend that wanted to play Metallica covers. Because of the complexity and speed of Metallica’s songs, Brandon dedicated himself to honing his skills, spending countless hours practicing and bonding with his guitar.

He was in his first band by the age of 16, playing Metallica and other huge metal/rock bands of the era. As his fluency with the guitar grew, so did his obsession for big, iconic guitar solos.

In the short 4 years that followed, Brandon has extended his musical influences to include all genres. Today, he credits not only those earlier bands, but also Symphony X and Dream Theater as examples of the progressive metal bands that he enjoys. In addition, he has come to appreciate the greats of classic rock, such as The Eagles, Rush and Fleetwood Mac. Some more contemporary bands that have also gained Brandon’s appreciation are The Sheepdogs, Zac Brown Band and Big Wreck. But Brandon currently calls Joe Bonamassa his greatest influence, because, in a music world full of guitarists, Joe has a great passion and style of his own that is instantly recognizable. This influence has pushed Brandon to elevate his playing to higher levels and allowed him to express his thoughts and emotions through his fretboard and amplifier.

It is the connection with his guitar, the audience and his bandmates that makes all the difference and injects the soul, that is so evident, in his playing.