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Album Cover Reveal

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the album cover reveal...

The original painting was completed by Georgina Hawitt at the March Daring Greatly concert in front of a live audience in Calgary at the National Music Centre. Inspired by the music she heard, she painted the vivid sounds of Daring Greatly.

The band’s philosophy is to remain relevant, connected, and creative, to be able to continue to write and perform music that allows people to celebrate life, challenges people to be brave enough to be “free” and authentic, and creates a quiet and loving revolution that creates a shift in the way people live their lives, so that there is less focus on the empty materiality, and more focus on the things that we know truly provides fulfillment, such as deep connection, freedom, and a purpose greater than oneself.

The message is simple; be free, be courageous, and fall in love with as many things as possible. Step inside the arena, take a chance – dare greatly. Great music knows no time, and the 70’s Rock vibes are back! We want people to feel the love and the music the way we do. We want to connect and brighten peoples’ lives, through our music.

- Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly is an independent, five-piece, hippy-rock band originally from Calgary. Touring western Canada, the northwestern US and California they perfected their three-part ‘blood harmony,’ original riffs and beats. Audiences quickly fell for their honest sound and peaceful demeanor on and off stage.

“We Dared to dream…”

2 years ago, the Croome brothers (Patch and Liam), their dad (Dail) together with their two best friends (Brayden and Brandon) headed to California to chase a dream. A really big dream. They took a huge risk-packed up what they needed, sold everything else and headed south. In a tiny trailer in the California sun, it started to come together.

They wrote and wrote—music and lyrics (and a few emails home). They wrote on the beach, in the sun, in a boat and in a smelly trailer. And they sang and kept singing. They sang in bars, and pubs, private homes, golf clubs and wineries. Then they were dubbed “The hardest working band in San Diego.”

It was there that the Daring Greatly sound came alive…

  • Fall 2015 Carlsbad, Oceanside – Daring Greatly dubbed “The hardest working band in San Diego
  • October 2015  Belly Up Tavern and again February 2016
  • January 2016  The Whiskey A-Go-Go
  • February 2017 Opens for Bon Jovi at the T-Mobile Stadium in Las Vegas
  • March 2016 SOLD OUT show at the brand new National Music Centre facility in Calgary, AB

The good news continues this summer…

  • August 2017 Daring Greatly opens for The Doobie Brothers in San Diego
  • August 2017 Daring Greatly Headlines the legendary Belly Up Tavern for the first time EVER
  • October / November 2017 American Pacific North Western Tour (Washington, Idaho, Oregon – Speaking & Performing in Schools, then contributing to other local community events. Giving more meaning in everything we do!)
Daring Greatly by MSP (low res) -1-37

“The stars have all aligned; it’s time for you to shine.”

They got gigs. Big gigs. And lots of them! “We’re movin’ pretty fast,” says Patch Croome band spokesperson. “We wrote our first song together, My Ecstasy, and recorded it (and more originals) in Nashville a month later,” says Croome. Then it was Belly Up, the Whiskey A-Go-Go and opening for Bon Jovi. “That was a dream come true opening for a rock legend!” says 20 year old Liam Croome.

Daring Greatly by MSP -1-24

The Music

Their music is original and the band is authentic. They live deeply and love profoundly. Daring Greatly is moved by music with soul and people with heart. People who live their lives intentionally and with great meaning.

It’s a New Sound—New Songs Recorded

Inspired by life on the road, Daring Greatly has written new music. ‘In the Distance’ written at the Fallbrook House of the Arts and recorded in Calgary at MCC Recording Studio, is a hauntingly melodic and full of emotion, reticent hope for the future and a sense of comfort of living in the here and now.”

You haven’t heard them like this!!!

This is a new side of Daring Greatly. Their individuality shines and brings a level of complexity and intrigue to the collective sound of Daring Greatly. There’s more to come, but the boys need your help…